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Sumner County is a breath of fresh air to anyone visiting Middle Tennessee. We provide numerous opportunities for people to learn about history dating back to the frontier, get outdoors, and hear about our musical heritage.


Sumner County was an important part of westward expansion and the development of Tennessee. Pioneers settled here because the land was rich in game, fresh water and rolling hills. Come experience their journey from frontier to plantation. Learn of Sumner County’s role in the Civil War and even World War II.

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From the lake to the parks, you'll see why people in Sumner County love to be outside. Go fishing, try our fresh produce, have a picnic. Get back outside in Sumner County.

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Some of music's best lived and loved in Sumner County. We invite you to hear our music and learn about our stars. While you are here, take time to attend a festival, visit an art gallery or shop in one of our unique stores.

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